Environmental Education Catalysts

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What We Do

Environmental Education Catalysts in Hillsboro, Oregon region is a one-stop business for a variety of needs in the aspects of environmental education and volunteer management. We tailor programs that are simple and easy to understand, but rich in complex concepts and impacting outcomes. Our programs and services include:

  • Consultation About Your Needs
  • Proposals for Environmental Education or Volunteer Projects and Programs
  • Set-Up and Maintenance of EE or Volunteer Programs
  • Recreational Walks and Learning Activities for Individuals, Families and Organizations

How We Do It

The first step always is to carefully listen to your questions and needs. Secondly, we will ask you questions and discuss how we can proceed to meet your goals. Options and prices will be presented. Then, we will make finalize plans in a proposal for a solution (event, program, materials, etc.) to be completed on a specific timeline, and at a reasonable price.

After we agree and sign a contract, we will nail down strategies and action plans with specific measurable objectives to achieve the desired results. Everything will be clear to both parties, with flexibility for change as needed.

We provide free estimates for clients who agree to talk to us on the phone or in a face-to-face meeting. After determining the job’s length of time and required efforts, we can set a fixed fee or work by the hour as needed. Most projects involve charges of a flat fee for a set of deliverables. Work fees by the hour are co-decided (client and consultant) depending on the specific tasks needed.

Credibility and Customer Service

Our staff is friendly, flexible and experienced. Your satisfaction and the sustainability of the environment are our priorities.