Environmental Education Catalysts

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The Earth Can Benefit From Our Help

The earth sustains us; let's help sustain it! It is important to understand how our decisions and actions affect the environment. Environmental Education Catalysts (EE Catalysts) offers education and managment assistance for groups in the Portland and Salem, Oregon Metro regions.
Based in Hillsboro, we provide consulting and on the ground set up of environmental education and volunteer programs for businesses, organizations, and families. Our services help you actively enjoy and support the environment. Topics of potential interest:  
  • Forest and Field Ecosystems
  • Fresh and Salt Water Systems
  • Native Plants and Animals 
  • Pollinator Conservation
  • Biodiversity in Food Webs
  • School Gardens and Composting

  • Watershed Concepts and Maps
  • STEM Activities, Indoors and Outdoors
  • Volunteers, Active and Outside
  • Designs in Nature (Art and Math)
  • Scientific Methods and Skills
  • Communities and Citizen Science

Our Mission

To contract with groups who need help creating or improving their environmental education and volunteer programs.

Our Vision

To make the world a more sustainable place through environmental education and volunteer action.

Our Core Values in Action

  • Sustain the earth by informed ethical actions
  • Exhibit respectful behavior everywhere you go 
  • Personally experience the outdoors and its wonders
  • Teach about all living things and their needs
  • Use experience as a vital part of learning how to care
  • Make the learning process enjoyable and memorable
  • Incorporate scientific evidence and cultural sensitivity
  • Create easy ways for all people to get involved 
  • Promote volunteer efforts to restore land, water and air
  • Believe that one person can make a big impact
  • Become globally interdependent in environmental work
  • Be sensitive to social justice when taking earth actions
  • Build on proven models, but keep an open mind
  • Do quality work that will also benefit future generations

Our Goals

  • Connect with organizations that strive for sustainable systems with high biodiversity. 

  • Create programs that will help people teach others the value of natural resources for sustaining life.

  • Set up volunteer programs with stable structures, good management, and diverse ways to retain volunteers.

  • Make EE consulting affordable for those who want to enjoy the outdoors and expand earth education and action.

Jan Curry: Founder 

Jan Curry retired after 6 years of classroom teaching and 20 years of creating and conducting traveling and field programs, as well as training and managing volunteers at a wetland preserve. In 2015, she felt compelled to start her own business to pursue her passion of caring for the environment and the people who want to connect with it. Because of her educational background, experience, and commitment to Earth, EE Catalysts was born.

For Jan, it is important to contribute to an eco-literate society through volunteering and working to sustain and improve the environment. She believes that the efforts of schools, non-profit groups, businesses, individuals and families can positively impact nature's state of "health." Health means that all the needed parts are there and functioning well! Listed below are some sample efforts to help support planet health:

  • Earth-Sensitive Voting
  • Environmental Literacy for All
  • Degraded Habitat Restoration

  • Soil and Water Conservation 
  • Energy Sources and Lifestyle Choices
  • Involvement of Youth in Authentic Outdoor Projects

Jan’s combined knowledge, work experience, and volunteer management skills makes her approach holistic. Her EEC programs are unique, easy to use, and customized according to your needs to achieve the best results. Below are details of her qualifications:


  • Earned a BS in Math and Zoology Education at Eastern Illinois University

  • Earned an MS in Science Education with a focus on Biology at The University of Washington

  • Continuing education classes at PCC, PSU, and Pacific U 

  • Certified in Interpretation of Natural Resources through NAI (National Association of Interpreters)

  • Volunteer Management Workshops

Work Experience

  • Consultant to Clean Water Services for creating and managing a Volunteer Steward Program, Forest Grove, OR 

  • Wetlands Education Specialist and Volunteer Services Coordinator at Jackson Bottom Wetlands, Hillsboro, OR

  • Facilitator for Forestry Education Workshops for teachers through OSU extension

  • Biology and Math Teacher in Hillsboro School District, Hillsboro, OR

  • Biology (General, Advanced, Marine) and Math Teacher at Holy Names Academy, Seattle, WA 

  • Piano Teacher (Uses appropriate music, drama, art, literature, and history when developing programs), Agoura, CA

Volunteer Positions

  • Tualatin River Watershed Council – Education Representative

  • World Forestry Center (Portland, OR) – Developer of EE displays and activities

  • Fiesta in the Park – Nature Interpreter for families

  • Hillsboro Airport (Hillsboro, OR) – Long term Panel Participant for wildlife issues

  • HomePlate for youth experiencing homelessness – Board Member

  • PTA President - Brookwood School, Hillsboro, OR 

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Board member of CLEARING MAGAZINE, an EE publication for the Pacific Northwest

  • Native Plant Society of Oregon (NPSO)

  • Environmental Education Association of Oregon (EEAO)

“EE Catalysts” – Intellectually and emotionally moving people of all ages to enjoy, understand and care for the earth. 

“Environmental Education” – In all places, exploring, discovering and teaching about the beauty and value of living and non-living natural resources

“Volunteer Management”– Harnessing and using the knowledge and experiences of people who care about making the planet a better place now and for future generations